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Trivet Recipes


Trivet Recipes is a site for the sharing and discovery of all things food. We provide food bloggers a space to show off their work to new audiences, and hungry readers a dynamic stream of recipes to inspire and instruct.

Our goals are to help food bloggers by connecting them with fresh readers (and providing those all-important incoming links); to introduce readers to food blogs they may not know about yet; and to assemble a useful, searchable, and beautifully presented collection of recipes, sites, and people in the food space worth hanging on to, for everyone who loves to cook and eat.

Put another way, Trivet Recipes is an ever-updated album of food content chosen by the community—a collection of everything our editors and users find fresh, exciting, and essential.

How it Works:

After a simple registration, anyone can add content to Trivet Recipes. The cards on the site lead directly to the full recipe on the site where they were published. Content creators can submit their work to be featured, but you don’t need to have created a recipe to share it. Blogger or not, you’re encouraged to post any recipe you love and would like to amplify. We’ll be adding some of our own favorites, too.

We hope you have fun!

About Trivet:

The team behind Trivet Recipes is at work on something bigger, a food publishing platform called Trivet.

The project began with an observation: that there are thousands of food bloggers, but no publishing tool designed specifically with their needs in mind. Trivet wants to fix that.

We exist to do two things:

1) Provide content creators with a superior set of tools for blogging about food. A Trivet blog will be easy to set up, simple to use, aesthetically pleasing, and optimized for SEO from the start. It’ll support multiple forms of content: traditional text-plus-recipe posts, but also image galleries, long-form essays, podcasts, and much more.

2) Help creators expand their audience and raise their profile by making them part of a lively hub for food content on the web. Trivet bloggers will be in control of their own content (and will retain ownership of it), but they’ll benefit from opportunities for cross-network promotion. The Trivet homepage will include content from across the platform alongside editorially driven features—becoming a useful, trusted destination for readers who are passionate about food.

For this phase, we’re interested in connecting with people who are already creating food content on social media, and who have wanted to blog but haven’t gotten started yet. Maybe you’ve been daunted by plugins, design requirements, WordPress installation… if you’re in this boat, drop us a line. We’d love to talk about how Trivet can offer you greater ease of use, friendliness, support, and community.

We’re also interested in connecting with people who have been blogging about food but don’t want to maintain their current setup anymore. Maybe you’d like to keep your website open but are ready for tools better-suited to publishing food content. Please reach out.

Watch this space. If you want to hear about opportunities with Trivet as we expand, sign up so we can email you when there’s news to share.

Who We Are:

Tim Murtaugh
Technical Director
Twitter: @murtaugh
Instagram: @murtaugh

Mike Pick
Creative Director
Twitter: @mikepick
Insta: @mikepick70

Katherine Sharpe
Twitter: @katherinesharpe
Instagram: @toomuchkatherine